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    Enabling video professionals to take it to the next level

Welcome to The Streaming Platform

The low cost video event streaming service for video professionals.

The Streaming Platform is a cloud based service which is designed to enable video production companies to take their service to the next level. Have you ever been asked by your customers if you can stream a live video event rather than just record one? Had to turn potential clients away, risking losing repeat business? Would your customers be delighted if you had the ability to run a live event with an engaging branded portal experience, for viewers in any location around the world, on virtually any connected device?

If so then The Streaming Platform is the low risk, low cost solution for you.

How does it work?

By using cloud technology you save money by not having any upfront investments or annual charges.

Streaming to the cloud

Most streaming services require an upfront investment or a large monthly fee with a minimum contract period. With The Streaming Platform we enable you to stream a video broadcast on an event-by-event bases, which means no financial risk for you and the ability to offer streamed events as part of your portfolio offering.

Most video production companies that have dabbled in streaming soon realise that it’s not as simple as it sounds initially. If you have ever tried to stream to a customer’s website then you’ll know that it’s unlikely that the website is scaled to cope with the amount of viewers that try to watch at the same time. For that you need scalable infrastructure and global content distribution network technology to support it. The good news is that the hard work has already been done for you, so you can get on with providing the great personal service that your customers love.

Speak with the professionals

You’ll get a dedicated video professional to work with for each event, to take care of branding the portal experience to match your customers corporate branding, and through the process of streaming to the platform. You’ll be supported on the event day and after once you are ready to publish the event as a video on demand.

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Features you can offer to your clients

Offer a great range of options, tailored to your clients individual event needs.

Branded Portal

Match your customers branding with logo and colour scheme.

Event Invitations

Email event invitation to the guest list.

Event Registration

Send an open invite and get a list of participants of those that registered. Ideal for follow up marketing.

Password Protection

Secure your event with a password, or one of the more advanced security features.


Broadcast live or pre-recorded.


Synchronise slides with the video presentation.


Downloadable attachments for the viewer.

Social Intergration

Real-time chat board • Feedback Wall • Twitter Hashtag feed.


Launch polls or surveys during an event.


View statistics on the event.

Hosted Video on Demand

The same URL used for the invitation is used for the Video on Demand version of a live event.

Mobile Friendly

Audiences can view on desktop or tablet devices.

Experience The Streaming Platform

Why not take a look for yourself and see if the viewing experience could meet your customers needs.

View a video on demand demo event hosted by The Streaming Platform.

In this video demo you will see some of the key features of the platform. For additional images of the types of portal branding that are possible for your clients see the images below.

See the experience you can offer your clients


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